I record life. I capture moments. I document myself and others. I use cameras, recorders, lighting, and production gadgets to create motion pictures; training, promotions, short docu-vignettes, music videos, and experimental films.

I compose music from scratch with my hands on guitar, keyboard, knobs, or mouse, with my voice, and from a digital universe of samples and software.

I use computers in nearly every facet of my life and I archive what I've found and created. 


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Soul in the Machine Promo Videos

Created for promotional purposes for electronic performance group, Soul in the Machine. Visit soulinthemachine.com

Producer, Director of Photography, Editor - Steev Dinkins 
Julien Zeitouni - Jib Operator
Matthew T. Natale - Jib Assistant
Aaron Hernandez - 2nd Unit Camera
Jake Rose - 2nd Unit Camera
Amber Steele - 2nd Unit Camera

Shot on Panasonic HVX200s and Nikon D90. Nikon footage filtered in Final Cut Pro with D90 rescaler plugin, then converted to DVCPRO HD. Stabilization post processing using iStabilize. Music edited in Logic Pro. Color corrected in FCP with standard CC.


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It looks great, Steev. Good job!

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