I record life. I capture moments. I document myself and others. I use cameras, recorders, lighting, and production gadgets to create motion pictures; training, promotions, short docu-vignettes, music videos, and experimental films.

I compose music from scratch with my hands on guitar, keyboard, knobs, or mouse, with my voice, and from a digital universe of samples and software.

I use computers in nearly every facet of my life and I archive what I've found and created. 


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Ant Killer

I hate ants.  Found a few in the bathroom, and my experience tells me to go look outside and you're going to find a trail.  Well I found a massive one.  This had developed in about a weeks worth of time after rain.  I got em good, but also had a chance to shoot some more test footage with the GH1.  

Ant Killer from Steev Steele on Vimeo.

The initial intention was to try out the Nikon Micro Nikkor 105mm Macro - it can focus about 6 inches from the front of the lens.  It's essentially a 200mm telephoto on the GH1, but with that close of a focus.  Most of it was shot with that.  I opened up the aperture to around f8 and f11 to increase depth of field.  The issue I found was light leakage with the 4/3rds-Nikon adapter I'm using.  So I gaff taped the leak, and all was good.  However, it makes further aperture adjustment a challenge.  Gotta take the tape off and put it back on.  I'm not sure if this is the case with all lenses.  More testing on that later.  Once I saw a story developing, I used a Sigma 20mm  f1.8 for the establishing hand shot, and the Ortho container product shots.  I had to go high shutter speed for all of these to get somewhat the aperture I wanted.  I was too lazy to hunt down ND filters.  Singh-Ray Vari-ND is on order now.  I got tired of primes, and didn't need macro or shallow DOF for the rest of the squirt shots, so I used the GH1 kit lens 14-140.  


Every single shot I used the articulating display adjusted in some way to my benefit.  I wouldn't have bothered with my 5D on this kind of frivolity shoot.  But it does point out something important to me about the value of that display.  I love this camera more and more.  But the 5D is still my serious cam.  Tests with the 7D come this week - it arrives tomorrow.