I record life. I capture moments. I document myself and others. I use cameras, recorders, lighting, and production gadgets to create motion pictures; training, promotions, short docu-vignettes, music videos, and experimental films.

I compose music from scratch with my hands on guitar, keyboard, knobs, or mouse, with my voice, and from a digital universe of samples and software.

I use computers in nearly every facet of my life and I archive what I've found and created. 


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Zoology 2 Released

Zoology 2's would-be FAQ.

What the hell is this stuff?
It's Scott Thomas ChavezKenny Pardo, and Steev Dinkins improvising in a rehearsal studio (except for a few rehearsed pieces).

What were you guys thinking?
We were trying not to.

Is that Scott or Steev on vocals?
It's both of us at different times and/or the same time.

So you guys call this music?
I guess so. It's more like cinéma vérité and documentary approach, so you could call it raw realism recording, as opposed to conventional commercial recording.

So are these songs or something?
It's all one big edited heap of happy accidents.

So you guys just wanked off in the studio?
Actually we worked pretty hard for a year and half to be able to do stuff like this.

Why are there so many fuck ups?
Because we didn't exactly know what we were doing and were caught wallowing in it.

And you expect people to pay for this?
No, it's available as a free download from bandcamp or right here

Also available for free - Volume 1.


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